We like to think our tastes are pretty discerning and, thus, able to bring you high-quality coffees. Occasionally, we've purchased an uber-fancy Jamaican Blue Mountain, Hawaii Kona or Cup of Excellence auction lot at, for us, significant price, selling retail for as much as $60 a pound.

So, buckle up: An Asian coffee company paid $601 a pound for one -- 1 as in single -- bag of naturally processed Geisha variety green coffee from Canas Verdes farm, part of the Hacienda La Esmerelda, Boquete, Panama.

Our pricing spreadsheet broke thinking about that. I'm going to satisfy myself that the coffees we roast have always gained 90 points or better in independent reviews. That's outstanding.

A cup of coffee from $601 a pound green has to deliver something like bipartisan cooperation in the US Congress. Magical.

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