Tanzania Kilimanjaro Uru North (12oz)


Tanzania Kilimanjaro Uru North (12oz)

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Tasting Notes: Brown Spice Cardamon Caraway ginger aroma Kiwi Lime Raisin sweet lime finish. Sweet, Herbal

Tanzania is a country divided. In the north one finds the Kilimanjaro game reserves and large coffee estates that made Tanzania a household name. In the south live smallholders - farmers who are far removed from the market and compelled to sell through a national auction that views their coffee as commodity. Not everyone shares this view; international nonprofits and private exporters have begun taking notice of the coffees coming out of the South, and over the coming years the world will be more familiar with specialty coffees - and not just Peaberries - coming out of Tanzania's Southern Highlands.

This is a story in which anyone can take part. Simply start paying attention to coffees from Southern Tanzania. As more people pay attention to the wonderful work done by these small farmers, they will be better able to deliver a diverse range of high-quality regional lots


Warehouse New Jersey

Peak Harvest July - August

Processing Fully-Washed

Elevation in feet 5100

Varietal Bourbon, Kent and N39

Traceable to one washing station

Producer Organization Uru North AMCOS

Region / Community / Wetmill Kilimanjaro

# of Contributing Farmers 40

Information from our importer, Crop to Cup.