Papua New Guinea, AAK Fully Washed (12oz)


Papua New Guinea, AAK Fully Washed (12oz)


Papaya, Raisin, Vanilla Graham Cracker

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Tasting Notes: Toffee, Pecan, Herbal, Heavy Body

This coffee comes from the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, where nearly 3,000 smallholder farmers are collected into a cooperative group overseen by the Highlands Organic Agriculture Cooperative. The group's objectives are to improve roadways and infrastructure in the region, support the 20 primary schools within the Purosa and Okapa areas by providing resource materials and desks, provide beds and mattresses for local medical centers, and support women's groups.

Papua New Guinea produces some of the finest coffees in the industry, and it is a miracle that it makes its way across the world to us. They often encounter huge obstacles such as lack of infrastructure, dirt roads, exporting issues, etc. However, they don't sacrifice in quality of their end product and often produce amazing coffees. Papua New Guinea is a country of redemption.

This coffee is very distinct and is characterized by its earthy tones and heavy body. We know you'll enjoy this hearty full bodied roast from the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

We buy coffee from the world’s best coffee farms. Our farms earn a fair price for their work. The coffee is hand-picked for perfect ripeness. It's roasted to highlight the nuanced flavors unique to the farm where it was grown. This is our way of saying thank you to the farming families that make Conscious Cup possible.

Country: Papua New Guinea

Region: Okapa, Purosa, Eastern Highlands

Farm: Various smallholder farmers

Variety: Arusha, Bourbon, Typica

Altitude: 600–1500 masl

Proc. Method: Washed

Harvest Schedule: May–July