El Salvador Microlot (12 oz)

El Salvador 12oz Award.jpg
El Salvador 12oz Award.jpg

El Salvador Microlot (12 oz)


Savory, Grapefruit, Mild Sweetness

Rated: 93/100 on CoffeeReview.com

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El Salvador has a rich history in producing coffee despite being the smallest Central American country. Their fertile volcanic soil is what facilitates the growth of heirloom varieties such as Bourbon, Typica, and Pacamara.

This specific crop, managed by Jose Armando Portillo (pictured on coffee bag,) is a varietal called Pacamara. These beans are really large and yet retain a good density. This is one of our Microlot coffees, and by that we mean coffee from one specific farm. This brings a lot of character, and will contain speccific flavors that are not found in regional select coffees. The flavors brought forth from this wonderful cup are balanced and fruity.

Asessment from coffee review is as follows:

Aroma:        9
Acidity/Structure:        8      
Body:               9
Flavor:                  9
Aftertaste:        8   

Roast (Agtron): (56/80)


Blind assessment: Sweet-toned, with attractive savory undercurrents. Tangerine zest, magnolia, tamari, black cherry, roasted cacao nib in aroma and cup. Sweetly savory structure with lightly juicy acidity; full, syrupy mouthfeel. The finish is characterized by cocoa-toned citrus notes, with sweet-tart tamarind tones and magnolia-like flowers underneath.

The bottom line: A classic Pacamara cup that finesses the sweet-savory paradox: part sweet fruit and floral impulses, and part umami intrigue.