At first sip, I was inspired. Closing my eyes, I could envision a trip high in the Peru Andes above the Amazon basin exploring where this sweet, balanced cup originated.

Most people dreaming of Peru would think of Manchu Pinchu, the Incan ruins that are the nation’s iconic site. I’m looking to a mountainside farm and imagine it will be difficult to find as the coffee is grown under wild shade.

This is “FTO,” Fair Trade Organic coffee and a great example of Fair Trade at the top of its game. We brought in four bags, or 456 pounds, through Café Imports, a company that reflects our values for economic and environmental sustainability with a firm eye to sublime quality. Coffees in this class cost green three to four times the Fair Trade base, earning the farmer a considerably better income.

Peru Gilmer Mejia- Agua Colorada (12oz)
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Gilmer Mejia operates the beautiful Finca Ecológica in Agua Colorada, a farm his father, Filadelpo Cordova Mejia, acquired for growing coffee in 1990. It is a 7-hectare plot, on which 4 hectares grow Caturra and other common varieties. Gilmer is sure to pick all his coffees ripe and by hand, as they mature under the protection of wild shade trees. He uses compost and guano to fertilize his farm and uses no herbicides. Gilmer is a young and innovative producer who is committed to and passionate about quality in every way, from the management of his farm to the final taste in the cup.

As this is a microlot of limited quantity, it will go quickly from our shelves. Flavor Notes: Sweet with citric acidity and a smooth mouthfeel; toffee and chocolate flavors and a nutty aftertaste. In sum, a dreamy cup of coffee.

You can learn more about Café Import’s focus on hands-on development of high-end specialty coffees in Peru here.

 Best Regards,

Jack Shipley