We look at multiple elements to the taste of a fine coffee. We hope this helps you discover a wider, bolder world of coffee beginning, of course, at Conscious Cup Coffee Roasters.


A freshly roasted coffee will carry an aroma that it will last pleasantly two to four weeks before tapering off. Aroma is the first element of taste before the coffee passes your lips.


Sweetness creates harmony between acidity and body. It balances the most intensive, acidic coffees and smooths out the fullest-bodied coffees.


Acidity is often described as the brighter flavors in a coffee, like fruit and floral tones. Acidity can be intense or mild, round or edgy and everything in between.


Body is sometimes referred to as mouth feel, like the difference between water and milk over your tongue. Earth and chocolate tones come through the body of coffee.


Balance is critical to the composition of a great coffee. Think of how sweetness, acidity and body play off each other and how the overall coffee tastes.


Finish is as important as that first aroma and sip. A great finish should be clean, sweet, refreshing and last long after your last sip.