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Freshly Roasted Tastes Better

Freshly roasted at Conscious Cup

Premium Arabica coffees from around the world are roasted fresh in small batches in our café and are served and delivered fresh from the roaster.

Roasted coffees begin to noticeably lose flavor after a month. Ground coffees lose 50% of flavor in just two hours. (Some grocery store brands, which may blend with low grade robusta beans, inject gas additives to give you that “fresh” aroma.)

Groceries are told their coffee has a 12-month shelf life. How old is the coffee when you buy it?

Really, it’s simply an issue of organic chemistry. The elements of the coffee bean that give it a distinguished flavor and aroma are also the most volatile. Roasting begins a slow and steady breakdown. Grinding accelerates the breakdown of these volatile but most desirable flavor elements of coffee.

In our café, our coffees are roasted and then ground as needed to extract a perfect espresso shot or to brew coffee. We trust that you will find our drinks just taste far better.

Conscious Cup uses a state-of-the-art gourmet, small-batch roaster. Small-batch roasting is gentler on the beans and avoids taint, a burning or scalding when beans in large-batches roll for too long against the hot roasting drum.

We select premium Arabica bean coffee from the finest growers in the world.