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The Economy We Control

Jack Shipley - Thursday, September 29, 2011
None of us are likely in a position to, say, influence money rates in any meaningful way but we can control one element of our economy.

We can choose to support our communities and buy local.

I’m writing this after driving past Nick’s Pizza in Crystal Lake on an errand. The drive and parking lot was jammed. This followed a plea from Nick Sarillo that his company needed your patronage to stay in business. Nick’s had expanded into Elgin, a site that was beset by ill-managed road construction that, at one time without notice, left the Elgin restaurant with no visible access from Randall Road.

Unfortunately, Nick’s case probably isn’t as unique as his hutzpah. At lot of us could use a jammed parking lot and I’m uplifted by the image this night at Nick’s as an effect of his plea.

You can choose to spend your money locally, with locally owned and operated businesses and not the national chains. Crystal Lake, McHenry County and greater Chicago offer effective local choices at every level of commerce. Our friends at SMT Associates, Inc., in Crystal Lake, turned us on to the 3/50 project.. What a great idea. Identify three local businesses and spend $50 at each.

With the economy still struggling and risking a double-dip, we need to support each other. It’s important to buy local. If you’re running a business, check your vendors. As consumers, choose locally owned businesses over national chains. What goes around comes around when you buy local.

By some accounts, local businesses reinvest $0.45 of every $1 you spend with them back into the local community versus a $0.15 reinvestment by national chains. Of course, WalMart attracts a lot more of your money than either Nick’s or our Conscious Cup; I’d guess more than Nick’s or CC combined. So, I’m not saying you shouldn’t shop at WalMart, just think hard about what you need or want and then see if that can be met by any of our local merchants or service professionals.
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