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Guatemala Finca la Bolsa Microlot

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Cupping Notes: Tangy and sweet with tart cherry and brown sugar flavors.

La Bolsa is an estate in La Libertad, Huehuetenango. They are known for their consistent quality year over year; have won multiple awards and their coffee has been featured by barista in many competitions.

From Maria Elena Video de Ovalle:

"In 1956 Dr. Jorge Vides Molina bought a piece of land named La Bolsa, it was given that name because it is located between large mountains. It has its own spring water and two rivers go across the property, leaving and island of the patio where we dry our coffee, the mill, farmhouse and school.
"One of our strong features is that we have our own natural spring water which while we use it we are also able to donate the surplus the Municipio La Mesilla, located at the border of Mexico.
"In the year 2002 we obtained second place at the national level of the Cup of Excellence with a rating of 94.98.
"The farm also counts with a school in order to alphabetize (teach) the children of the farm. It also has a hydroelectric and we work with earthworms for organic matter.
"We support the environment by complying with all the pre-requisites of the Certifications of Rainforest and C.A.F.E Practices.
"In the year 2005, Finca La Bolsa was chosen by Anacafe-Huehuetenango to impart a documentary with the German Channel D W T V, with the purpose of filming the process of high quality coffee production in Guatemala, which was viewed worldwide."

Guatemala Finca la Bolsa Microlot

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