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Costa Rica Las Lajas Micro Lot

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Cupping Notes:

Balanced and creamy with honey, toffee and a savory tone.

Back Story:

The Chacon family's Finca Las Lajas is on the slopes of the Poas Volcano in Costa Rica's Central Valley, operating for more than 80 years. Coffee is grown under native shade and processed at an ecologically sound mill.

This is a honey processed coffee. Honey processing leaves some of the coffee cherry pulp on the bean while it dries. The method is a bit between natural processing, in which the cherries are dried before the pulp removed, and washed, where the pulp is removed before drying. Coffee Review's Kenneth Davids describes honey processed as "rounder in acidity, with less citrusy brightness and more chocolate, more aromatic wood, and generally a bit more sweetness."

The family grows coffee under the shade of native trees and at their ecological beneficio mill, the coffee beans are dry-pulped before being sun-dried to minimise the use of water during the processing of the coffee. An excellent all-day drinking coffee, it offers a creamy body and highly fragrant aroma. Buttery and with a mild spiciness, there is a pleasing nutty quality in the finish.


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