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Colombia Finca Mirador

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Cupping Notes: Juicy Acidity, Toffee and Grapefruit Zest

Oh, Colombia, so storied so stereotyped (Juan Valdez, cocaine lords). Coffee, though, is our focus because, well, our lips don't lie. (Sorry.) Coffee has been good but short of stellar for several seasons but we're liking what's arriving. Take this coffee from Finca Mirador, a microlot from the farm of Mauricio Giraldo. The hand-picked to ripeness coffee cherries merit special attention, which Colombia is striving to achieve for its farmers because higher quality earns a premium price. Mauricio's coffee is among the results of days of cupping from hundreds of submissions. Our importer was among the judges and we've quickly clamped down on this fine coffee. Don Giraldo is a member of the Associacion Primaveral, a co-operative of 21 producers in Primaveral, Huila, in southern Colombia. It's a stunning place of tropical riches. Enjoy this one.


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